Resources – EPA Methods Collected Download PDF File
EPA Revisions to Test Methods and Testing Regulations – 1/18/14  EPA 40 CFR Parts 51, 60, 61 and 63
EPA Cement MACT National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
From the Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry.
EPA Cement Mact 40CFR 60 & 63 PS-12A
Method 30B – Determination of Mercury from Coal-Fired Combustion
Sources Using Carbon Sorbent Traps.
Method 30B
Method 30A – Performing (RATAs) and Determination of Mercury from
Coal-Fired Combustion Sources Using Instrumental Analyzer Procedure.
Method 30A
Method 29 – Determination of Metal Emissions for Stationary Sources.
Ontario Hyrdo (AST-D6784-02) – Standard Test Method for Elemental, Oxidized,
Particle-Bound, and Total Mercury Emissions from Coal-Fired Stationary Sources.
Method 29 Ontario Hydro
Method 4 / Method 4 (Alt-008) – Moisture Content. Method 04 (Alt-008)
Method 5  Particulate Matter (PM).  Method-05
Method 5A – PM Asphalt Roofing.  Method-05A
Method 5I – Determination of Low Level Particulate Matter Emissions.  Method-05I
Interim EPA Traceability Protocol for Qualification and Certification
Elemental Mercury Gas Generators (CEMS).
Elemental Hg Gas Traceability Protocol
Promulgated Performance Specification Download PDF File
PS 12-B / Appendix K – Specifications & Test Procedures for Monitoring Total Vapor
Phase Mercury Emissions from Stationary Sources Using Sorbent Traps (CEMS).
Performance Specification PS-12B
PS 12-A  Specifications & Test Procedures for Total Vapor Phase
Mercury Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems in Stationary Sources.
Performance Specification-PS-12A
Performance Specification for Metals & Mercury Emissions Monitoring
Specifications & Test Procedures for Multi-Metals Continuous Monitoring

Systems in Stationary Sources.
Performance Specification-10
EPRI – Electric Power Research Institute CAPCA – Carolinas Air Pollution Control Association
AWMA – Carolinas Air and Waste Management Association EUEC – Electric, Utility and Environment Conference