Our Services – Aura Scientific Provides Precision Measurement and Superior Service,
Assuring your Mercury Testing Service Needs.
Our personnel are among the most experienced in the industry and offer a level of expertise unmatched by
anyone else. We can advise you on any aspect of mercury monitoring, testing and analysis.
We have experience
with Hg relative accuracy test audits, low mass emitter testing, scrubber performance testing, sorbent injection
performance testing, laboratory audits, test plans, project management, method development and beta testing of
Hg CEMs and sorbent trap systems.
We offer sorbent trap technology customized for your particular needs, from
high particulate, high acid gas stack matrices to low level testing.
Use Aura Scientific for all your testing needs.

Mercury Analysis Onsite and in Our Corporate Labs in Apex, North Carolina.
Our mercury experts can provide all levels of support from system performance optimization to Hg calibrator
audit services and on-site analysis. 
Our mobile lab and corporate labs are equipped with state-of-the-art Hg
analyzers specifically designed for the analysis of  sorbent traps. The system capabilities and large dynamic
range provides the ability to analyze both short term (Method 30B, RATA) and long-term (weekly monitoring)
trap configurations. These units are used in the analysis of mercury in coal and fly ash and are ideal for the
power generation and the cement industry (PS 12B).

Instrumentation and Analyses Includes:
Technique – Thermal Desorption Analysis / Instrumentation:
Milestone DMA-80 Mercury Analyzer, Ohio Lumex 915+ with M324 Furnace, Teledyne Leeman Hydra C Analyzer.
Application – EPA Method 30B, Speciated Method 30B, PS12-B/Appendix K, ASTM Method 7473, Coal, Fly Ash.

Cold Vapor Mercury Spiking / Instrumentation:
Custom Vapor Spiking System / Required For: 
EPA Method 30B, Speciated Method 30B, PS12-B/Appendix K.

Continuous Mercury Measurement Monitoring / Instrumentation:
UT-3000 /
 Application – Continuous mercury measurement of natural gas. Can be used in conjunction w/speciated probe for continuous monitoring of flue gases.

Other Lab Equipment Utilized: Environmental supply Automated Hg Sampling Console, Apex XC-6000 Automated Hg Consoles, Apex XC-240 Manual Hg Sampling Consoles, Mercury Instruments UT-3000.

Sorbent Trap Consulting and Training Support: Ohio Lumex, Teledyne Hydra C, Milestone DMA-80 Mercury Analyzer, Sorbent Traps for Manual and Automated Systems.

Sampling Equipment Rental: Manual Method 30B with Hastelloy Probe, Manual Method 30B with Air Cooled Probe
Automated Method 30B with Hastelloy Probe, Automated 30B with Air Cooled Probe.

Our Services Include After Market Support: Training, QA and Audit Program, Calibration, Periodic Maintenance, SOP’s, Hg CEMs Consulting.