Rob Keeney

Rob Keeney – President
Mr. Keeney is the president of Aura Scientific, LLC located in Apex, North Carolina. Prior to starting Aura Scientific he was the technical manager for all URS mercury related projects. Prior to coming to URS he was responsible for managing the inorganic laboratories for the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division (APPCD) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In addition to managing the laboratory, Mr. Keeney has been extensively involved in developing mercury measurement methodologies (in conjunction with EPA, EPRI, industry and academic researchers) for a variety of metrics including flue gas, scrubber liquors, and coal combustion by products (solids and leachates). Contact Rob at:

Project Specific Experience
Aura Scientific LLC (2009 to Present)
• Manages all operations at Aura Scientific including laboratory and field services.
• Managed the Utility ICR for Progress Energy.
• Managed the Master Service contract for Progress Energy.
• Managed the mercury testing for over half of the facilities participating in Steel Mill ICR.

• Managed a comprehensive project for Midwest Generation measuring the effect of activated carbon injection (ACI) on mercury emissions and fly ash reuse at three coal-fired power plants.
This program  used Method 30B extensively to measure mercury emissions at both the inlet and outlet.
• Managed several mercury measurement projects for private utility clients throughout the United States.
• Managed the North Carolina Mercury Rule and Continuous Mercury Monitor certification testing at Progress Energy’s Roxboro, Sutton, Asheville and Robison stations.
• Conducted evaluation of alternative sorbents for Method 30B and Appendix K applications on a hot stack at Buck Station.
• Conducted Method 30B testing for Low Mass Emitter (LME) qualification on nine stacks for a Midwestern utility and eleven stacks for a Southeastern utility.
• Automated Method 30B and Appendix K based data reduction and reporting procedures.
• Involved in all aspects of Project Energy’s Mayo plant wastewater study. Responsible for performing the Kosson leaching procedure on bottom and fly ash to determine their leaching potential.

• Managed a research program on the development of the mercury emission monitor instrumental reference method, and the carbon tube reference method for the Air Pollution and Prevention Control Division (APPCD) of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The research program focused on developing Method 30A – Determination of Total Vapor Phase Mercury Emissions from Stationary Sources (Instrumental Analyzer Procedure) and Method30B – Determination of Total Vapor Phase Mercury Emissions of Coal-Fired Combustion Sources Using Carbon Sorbent traps. Mr. Keeney co-authored both Method 30A and Method 30B.
• Managed a research program on the implementation of the Appendix K carbon tube method for the Electric Power Research Institution (EPRI). This research program focuses on providing standard materials and technical guidance to commercial and utility laboratories learning to measure gas-phase mercury using the Appendix K carbon tube method.
• Managed a research program on the implementation of the Method 30B carbon tube method for EPRI.
• Managed a comprehensive research project for  W.L. Gore and Associates on the development of a novel technology to immobilize mercury from flue gases on a fabric medium.
• Mr. Keeney also wrote the analytical section of the Ontario Hydro method and has worked closely with APPCD and instrument manufacturers to develop an alternative thermal analysis method for Appendix K and subsequently Method 30B.
• Managed a research program on the characterization of coal combustion byproducts for the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division (APPCD) of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This research program focuses on understanding the fate of mercury and other toxic metals during landfill disposal, and use in value added materials. Designed and implemented a quality control matrix for the leaching procedure developed by Kosson et al. 2002 to be included SW-846.

eHighland Industries
• Mr. Keeney managed the facilities, staffs, and results of the Technology Center physical and analytical laboratories. He led laboratory staff in researching, analyzing, troubleshooting and creative problem solving. Under his direction, laboratories were expanded, and output of completed service requests doubled while maintaining a perfect safety record. He directed laboratory staff in cost reduction efforts in excess of 1.5M. He organized activities to address problem solving and quality projects of development, manufacturing, and marketing. He also established and implemented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Quality Work Instructions (QWIs) for ISO9000 Analytical and Physical Testing laboratories.

• BS/Biology with Minor in Chemistry – Guilford College 1990.

• Highland Industries International Technologist of the year 1990.
• July/DOE/NETL and EPRI Sponsored Mercury Measurement Workshop – Expert Panel Member 2004.
• August/EPA/DOE and EPRI Sponsored Leaching Methodology Workshop – Steering Committee 2004.
• EPRI Committee to Develop Guidance Document on the Ontario Hydro Method – Technical Expert 2006.
• EPRI Committee to Develop Guidelines for Speciated Mercury Field Measurements – Technical Expert 2015.